3May, 2013

Working Out for the Weekend

We are wrapping up recovery week, with a slight amp to the workout today and tomorrow to get you in gear for next week but still nothing too crazy!

This weekend: Regularly scheduled hours. Also, Mt Airy Day on Saturday and The Chestnut Hill Festival on Sunday. Wishing all the Broad Street Runners their quickest 10 miles to date! We’ll see you out and about!

Friday Workout

1a) Floor Knee Tucks 4 x 12
1b) Box Jump 4 x 8
1c) Contralateral Push Ups 4 x 8
1d) Rotational Medicine Ball Throws 4 x 8/8

2a) Bent Over Rows 4 x 8/8
2b) Paloff Press 4 x 10/10
2c) Single arm RDL 4 x 4/4
2d) Janda Sit Ups 4 x 8

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