19Apr, 2013

Working out for the Weekend

Want to see what it’s really like to enjoy tasty, good-for-you food? Make plans to attend the Avenida Skinny Taco Cooking Class on Wednesday, April 24th at 6:30pm. I got to sample the class yesterday and the cucumber boat tacos were absolutely delicious. This menu also happens to be gluten free. Pretty cool deal, make your reservations by calling Kim at Avenida.

Still not sure what you should be eating? Take a look at this nutrition post I wrote over on my blog.

Friday’s Workout:

The goal for today’s workout is to pick a rep scheme that you can maintain for 6 rounds. You will do just one exercise for a certain number of reps each minute, on the minute for six minutes.

Keep in mind that when choosing your weight you want the weight and rep scheme to be challenging but not impossible to complete. When doing the bodyweight exercises you will want to put forth maximal effort in your movement while being able to accomplish the same number of reps each round.

The rep scheme will be very different from person to person. Use the range below as a starting point.

-Double Front Squat, 6-8 reps
-Jumping Pull Ups, 14-20 reps
-Rope Slams, 15-20 reps
-Burpees (we only have 3 more months to Burpees & Burgers), 6-10 reps
-Kettlebell High Pulls, 12-20 reps

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