3May, 2013

Sports Saturdays

Good luck and fast run times to all the Broad Street Runners on Sunday!! The foam rollers are at Urban Athlete waiting for you!

Saturday’s Workout:

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds between exercises. Complete 4 rounds of each super set before moving on to the next.

1a) Zercher Squat
1b) Standing Pillars

2a) Full Contact Twists
2b) Jump Rope (Double Unders)

3a) Hand to Hand Swings
3b) Inch Worms

4a) Light Sled Drags
4b) Kettlebell Sling Shots

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Comments on “Sports Saturdays” (2)

  1. Aaron

    1:25:47… couldn’t have ran that fast without UA! I hope all the other Broad Street Runners from Urban Athlete had a great race too!

  2. Awesome Aaron!!!


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