5Apr, 2013

Sports Saturdays

It’s the start of baseball season. Are you a fan? Support your team, baseball or not, every Saturday by sporting your favorite team’s gear!



R.e.d. S.o.x…

Ohhh, we said it, a non-Philly team, in the beginning of baseball season…

Saturday’s Workout:

This one is tough.

For this workout it is important to remind yourself constantly that you must rest when rest is needed. There is no set rest programmed into the workout, but when you need it you take it. It can be 30 seconds or 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Complete a total of 100 thrusters, with moderately challenging weight.

Every 60 seconds complete 3-5 burpees. (This is to get you ready for Burpees & Burgers…it’s never too early!)

If you finish your 100 burpees in the allotted time frame consider doing the following:

-10 Stability Ball Exchanges
-10/10 Farmer’s Walks
-10 Good Morning Stretches

Complete 3-5 rounds, at the end if time allows.

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