14Jan, 2013

ODDyssey 1/2 Marathon

If you are signed up for Broad Street or if you want to skip that but do a 1/2 marathon, check out the ODDyssey 1/2 marathon on Sunday, June 9th. Schuylar from Indigo Schuy emailed me a coupon code if you’d to sign up but you have to do so by today (Monday.) Here are the details:

“Feel free to share with your running buds…

I’ve been given a $5 discount code to pass on if any want to register by Monday.

To register:
Go to www.oddyssey.com
When prompted “how did you hear about the race” , click on AMBASSADOR
Scroll down list of Ambassador name and click on “Schuyler Nunn”

When checking out, use the code NewDate to receive $5 off. This code will expire on Monday.”

Monday’s Workout

Complete each exercise for 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds between exercises, complete a total of 4 rounds of:

-Double DB Thrusters
-Ring Rows
-SL Reach or SLDL
-Pledge Push Ups
-V Sit Holds

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