5May, 2013

Monday Workouts in Mt Airy

The weather is staying nicer, so we will be sure to spend some of our workout time outdoors. In an effort to keep our neighbors happy with us please remember that we may be up for the 6:00am workout but they may still be snoozing.

Congratulations to all the Broad Street Runners, you had a beautiful day for a run!

Monday’s Workout

1a) Dumbbell Snatches 4 x 8/8
1b) Slam Ball 4 x 12
1c) T Rotation Push Ups 4 x 8-12
1d) Goblet Squat 4 x 8

2a) Weighted Lateral Lunge 4 x 5/5
2b) Garage Run 4 x 1
2c) Foot Taps 4 x 50
2d) Pull Ups 4 x 3-5

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