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23Jun, 2013

Monday Start Up

While typically I’m not a huge fan of waiting until Monday to start up a new routine, this post finds me writing to you for Monday, so Monday it is. Exercise alone is good. Healthy nutrition alone is good. Together, exercise and healthy nutrition is the key to a great lifestyle.

I have two quotes I like to remember when thinking about combining exercise and nutrition:

1) Nothing tastes as good as lean and fit feels.

The above is very true, and coming from a person who loves food, I still believe in this statement. Life is of course about balance and there will be times that life gets in the way of healthy lifestyle design. Overall if your body feels good inside and out, there’s nothing out there (especially in excess) food or beverage that is worth giving into for the feeling of being fit.

2) You can’t out train a shitty diet.

Nothing can be more true than this. If you workout like an animal but eat bad-for-you foods all the time you will unlikely ever see the results you are truly looking for. Additionally, bad for you foods do not fuel the body with the same nutrients that are needed to replenish your body from your tough workouts. Good-for-you foods do not have to be boring either, especially now during the summer months with fruits and vegetables coming in fresh from the garden. Take advantage of this time of year to start on the right track to eating fruits and vegetables and paying attention to the foods you eat.

Take time to really think about the above two statements. Give your own meaning to them and apply them to your lifestlye design. If you don’t typically give much thought to your nutrition start considering it today. If you do pay attention to it but have slipped recently, step up and start dialing it all back in. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel!

Monday’s Workout:

1a) Double Weighted Step Ups 4 x 6/6
1b) Vertical Press 4 x 8.8
1c) Heavy Sandbag Carry 4 x 1 Garage Length

2a) Bent Over Rows 4 x 8/8
2b) Slam Ball 4 x 10
2c) Suitcase DL 4 x 6/6

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