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Starting Today You Can Become The Leanest, Strongest… BEST Version
Of Yourself In Just Three
45 Minute Workouts Per Week?

Dear Friend,

If you’re sick & tired of bouncing from one useless boot camp or fitness center to another…And are ready to finally experience the fat loss, strength building and transformational results that you’ve been looking for, then get ready…

You’re about to discover the benefits that an effective work out can and should provide. Even if you’ve tried and failed countless times before, this program WILL get you in the best shape of your life, while building unstoppable motivation and self confidence…GUARANTEED.

I’m Pamela MacElree, a nationally recognized personal trainer and transformation specialist, and Owner of Urban Athlete, Mt Airy’s #1 Training Center. Over the last 8 years I’ve perfected a cutting edge, scientifically advanced training system that melts fat and creates lean, athletic bodies faster than anything you’ve ever seen.

This training system not only gets our Urban Athlete Clients in the best physical shape of their lives, but time and time again it has done so much more…from giving them more energy then they’ve had since childhood to making clients more mentally strong and confident, benefits that carry over to every other area of their lives.

And these clients that are just like you accomplish all of this in just three 45-minute workouts per week!

In fact, I’ll personally guarantee you that you’ll reach all of your fitness and lifestyle goals at Urban Athlete in Mt. Airy or I’ll give you your money back! How can I make such a bold promise?

Simple… Urban Athlete and our training system has a proven track record of producing fast results with hundreds of clients since 2005. We’ve been recognized as The Best Gym in Philadelphia by My Fox Philly’s Hot List and The Patch Voter’s Choice, and our approach to getting results has been used by over 1000 trainers around the country that I’ve personally certified.

Urban Athlete in Mt. Airy, Fitness Center and Personal Training is all about one thing… Helping you transform your body and reaching your lifestyle goals as fast as humanly possible.

"Urban Athlete is not a gym. Pamela and the coaches are not trainers. They are much more than that.

Urban Athlete has become a home of sorts to many of its members. Pamela and the coaches, family.

Our family entered the doors of Urban Athlete a little over two years ago with the same expectations and hesitations that many experience when beginning a new chapter in the quest for fitness. Within a few days we learned that this was something truly special. The members are friendly, honest, helpful; true members of a special little community. There’s no "strange guy lifting weights way too heavy for him" or "skinny chick that I swear is judging my extra 10lbs." Everyone comes here to improve and maintain their physical health in a safe, comfortable, challenging and encouraging environment. As a family of previously competitive athletes, we can proudly state that after training at Urban Athlete, we are in better shape now than during peak competitive years….perhaps a tad slower, maybe…

Urban Athlete is sacred to our family. Pamela, the coaches, and members have helped us realize that fitness and health can be fun and while it certainly is not easy, hard work coupled with an incredible support system can certainly make the journey much easier.”

Rachael & Doug Z.

“Before joining Urban Athlete, I was diagnossed with breast cancer. After a year of surgery and chemo therapy, I developed right arm lymphadema. I started to work with a trainer twice a week that was trained in working with women that had lymphadema. After a year, in was time to try a gym. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up in a gym with people that were healthy. I was worried that I would run into problems with my arm with lymphadema. I was very self conscious about the compression sleeve that I had to wear on my arm. Lastly, my body, stamina, and strengh were not what they were before my surgery and cancer.

Given my two years prior to UA, I felt weak and unattractive. I had gained weight in the year following my surgery and chemo and I weighed more than prior to the diagnosis.
Urban Athlete brought me back to life. I feel mentally and physically strong and healthy. And, my arm with lymphadema is strong and has shape and muscles. I have lost weight and I fit back into my clothes.

The UA trainers have been amazing. When I first started at UA, my workouts had to be modified. Initially, because of my arm, the trainers were excellent about making sure that I didn’t push too fast and that the weight and repitition increases were incremental and slow in progression. Now, I do the same workout as eveyone else. The trainers have also helped me with nutrition and my diet. I don’t even think about the compression sleeve that I wear on my arm when I’m at the gym – it’s just part of what I wear to work out. “

Brenda L.


With the Urban Athlete Training System, just three 45-minute, fun and motivating workouts per week are all it will take to get you in the best shape of your life. Your strength, energy levels and confidence will skyrocket to new heights while you’ll watch the unwanted fat melt off.

If a lack of motivation has been your challenge, we’ve got you covered. Our coaches, group training atmosphere and the camaraderie amongst our clients are enough to motivate anyone to reach their personal potential.

We are not some health club packed with useless machines or a fitness bootcamp that’s only goal is to make you sweat and has no concern for actually getting you results.

Urban Athlete in Mt. Airy is a personal training center that uses a proven training system to get our clients in the best shape of their lives with a fun, motivating and challenging approach.  If that sounds like what you’ve been looking for, sign up for your no-cost consultation below right now!



Check Out What Others, Just Like You, Have to Say About The Results They’ve Achieved At Urban Athlete in Mt. Airy…

“Before I started coming to UA, I was pretty burned out from the regular gym routine and I was feeling like my fitness and motivation had reached a plateau. After being a part of Urban Athlete, I am overall more motivated and more fit.  The ever-changing variety of workouts keeps me interested and challenged.

UA is a place for people who are bored with the usual gym routines. You will challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible in a positive and friendly and community. Athletes of all abilities will enjoy these workouts that will improve your performance no matter what your sport or activity.”

Sally P.


“With two small children I make thousands of decisions each day. I appreciate Urban Athlete because I can walk in and the workout is already written for me and I’m instructed on exactly what to do and how do it.” ~ Amanda H

“The key to losing weight is right here folks, Urban Athlete! Not to mention it’s also my favorite place to be when I get a little time to myself” ~Mary G

“Urban Athlete is sacred to me and has changed my life in so many ways!” ~Kim P

“Simply put, Love this place!” ~Patricia C

“Best place to work out, pretty much anywhere. Great people, killer workouts, and always fun!” ~Michael E

“You will always have fellow members praising you, motivating you, & working side by side in the group workouts, no matter if it’s at 6am or 6pm!! You’ll gain muscle, satisfaction, & new friends along the way.” ~Mike B


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Urban Athlete all about?

Urban Athlete in Mt. Airy is a World Class training & transformation facility that focuses on group personal training designed to get our clients in the best shape of their lives and reach all of their lifestyle goals.  We do this by utilizing a proven training system and delivering incredibly motivational, fun and challenging workouts in a group setting.

If a group setting isn’t for you or if you have very specific training goals we also offer smaller  personal training sessions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

How is Urban Athlete different than local Health Clubs or Bootcamps?

We couldn’t be any more different. We are not a public gym where you essentially rent access to equipment and we’re not some haphazardly thrown together bootcamp. We are a small training facility in Mt. Airy specifically for those who take their fitness & lifestyle goals seriously.

We focus on group training (but also offer personal training), so everyone has a coach and a team and you are always being supervised and motivated to succeed.

Unlike going to a health club and trying to stay motivated and figure out what to do, at Urban Athlete you will move closer to your goals each and every workout because you’ll be coached through each and every session of our proven training system, held accountable and motivated to bring out your best.

This is not plodding away on the treadmill or jumping jacks in the park at some discount bootcamp.  This is what delivers results…guaranteed.

What if I Haven’t Worked Out in a While and am Not Very Physically Fit?

Many of our clients came in feeling the exact same way.  Our Urban Athlete Training System will meet you where you’re at and as long as you are willing to give your best effort, you’ll have a program that fits your current fitness level perfectly. You can start slow and as your fitness level and confidence increase we can work together to accelerate your progress.

What Goes on During The Workouts?

Our workouts are based on our World Class Urban Athlete Training System, where we integrate tools like kettlebells, dumbells and medicine balls with bodyweight based exercises and movement based training to maximize your metabolism, allow you to build a lean athletic body and feel stronger and move better than you have in years.

These workouts are specifically designed to be fast, fun and highly effective. 


What Kind of Results Can I Expect to See?

Women will drop 1-2 dress sizes and feel stronger and more confident than ever before within their first 6-8 weeks at Urban Athlete. Men will typically drop 1-2 waist sizes and gain lean muscle and feel more athletic in that same period of time. Within your first couple of weeks you’ll feel more energetic, healthier, younger and even more defined.

What Types of People Are At Urban Athlete?

Our clients range in age from 16 to 72 and come from all walks of life. Their common bond is that they all want to be the best version of themselves and they all want to be part of a community that embraces challenging, fun workouts to help them get there.

Can I Pay Per Workout or Do I Need A Membership?

We are a membership based training facility.  To get real results you need to make a real commitment.  We can’t design programs around people who come in once in a while and can’t guarantee their progress.  With that being said, we know that you may want to try Urban Athlete before you make a commitment, so you can do that with our success session program below.

Ok, I’m Ready to Get in the Best Shape of My Life. How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the form below to register for your consultation and someone will contact you to set up your FREE, no obligation Training Success Session.

To get in the best shape of your life and reach all of your lifestyle goals, submit that form or call 215-248-2130 to schedule your Fitness Success Session.


Your Friend & Coach,

Pamela MacElree
Transformation Specialist/ Personal Trainer
CEO Urban Athlete
7112 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119

PS. Don’t forget your results are guaranteed… so what are you waiting for? Don’t let another day pass you by or chances are you will never take action. Don’t waste another second settling for mediocre workouts or guessing as to how to get the results you want. Change your life for the better and get started today!



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